Shree Raj Narayan Sports Club was found in the year 2016 and finds its root in Musi village approximately in the year 1990,. During the 90s era, the club was just a small sports initiative. The initiative was launched with the aim to involve youths from the Musi village and nearby village into sports activity and in a way pave the way towards the healthier lifestyle.

The response increased year by year and so did the level of the competition held. The initiative slowly made its way into the lifestyle of the local community.

The Sports initiative encouraged youth to participate in sports and also helped them in the over all development of their lifestyle. Qualities like sportsmanship, leadership, and others became a part of the skill set of the youth of the village. Today, the sports activity has taken the shape of a full-fledge sports club. The club still stands firm on its aim to encourage sports amongst the youth and also provide support and training that they deserve.